Native Rivermint Tooth Tabs

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Like toothpaste… but better! Our signature Native Rivermint Tooth Tabs are packed with natural Aussie ingredients to polish and remineralise your teeth – without any plastic packaging or toxic chemicals. Trust us… your teeth (and the Earth) will love you for it!

How to use: Pop one tab in your mouth, chew it up completely, and then begin brushing with a wet toothbrush to turn the tab into a foamy paste! Brush for 2 minutes as normal, then spit.

  • Powerful formula that works to remove surface stains, prevent tooth decay and remineralise enamel whilst being gentle on gums
  • 180 tabs per pack (3 months' supply)
  • Subtle yet refreshing flavour profile (no burning sensation)
  • Carbon-neutral shipping Australia-wide
  • 100% home-compostable pouch
  • Available with or without fluoride (905ppm fluoride content)

Simply empty your tooth tabs into an airtight jar, and pop the compostable pouch into your garden or compost. Voila!

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