Bamboo Toothbrush

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That's the sound of plastic toothbrushes disappearing from your life, forever.

Here it is, the toothbrush of your dreams… buttery soft, stronger than steel, and looks fabulous next to that fancy hand wash you use. Use morning and night to polish those pearly whites with our deliciously foamy tooth tabs.

Oh, and instead of throwing it out and buying a new one every three months, you can just replace the head.

What a good toothbrush.

What's inside our tooth tabs?

All the good stuff to polish your teeth, remineralise enamel and lift surface stains.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Also known as Baking Soda, this ingredient is effective in removing yellow stains caused by drinking tea and coffee. It also helps to remove debris from the surface of teeth – in fact, it’s so effective that it’s been used as a tooth cleaner for over 150 years!

Native Rivermint

Our experience with most mint-flavoured toothpastes on the market is that they tend to leave a ‘burning’ sensation, which we wanted to avoid. Indigenous people have used Native Australian Rivermint (or ‘Mentha Australis’) for centuries to flavour their food, as well as for medicinal purposes. We love the subtle, refreshing flavour it adds to our tabs!

Calcium Carbonate

This mild abrasive helps to safely remove plaque when brushing and gently polishes away surface stains.


Enabling the rebuilding of tooth enamel, Xylitol helps to prevent new cavities from forming and over time can reverse tooth decay. Studies* have shown that the introduction of Xylitol to your oral health care routine can reduce cavities and tooth decay by 30-85 percent!


A natural sweetener derived from plants, Erythritol gives our tabs a lovely flavour whilst reducing dental plaque and dental caries (tooth decay).

Baby Foam

You’ll notice that our tabs foam up when you begin brushing with a wet toothbrush – and that’s all thanks to this incredible ingredient! Derived from coconut oil, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate is commonly referred to as ‘Baby Foam’ due to its exceptional mildness. We’ve included it in our tabs to produce a rich and velvety lather to help sweep away debris.

Acacia Gum

This powerhouse ingredient brings some pretty amazing benefits to the table – it cleans teeth without being too abrasive, works to prevent gingivitis and removes plaque from the surface of the teeth.


This binding agent helps to keep our tabs together and prevent them from crumbling – it’s a natural ingredient and most commonly derived from corn, rice, potato starch or wheat. You’ll never have to worry about your tabs turning into powder whilst travelling or during transit!

Activated Charcoal

Because of its super absorbent properties, charcoal detoxifies your mouth by latching onto bacteria, tartar, food residue and stains and sweeping them away. The result? A brighter, whiter smile! *Only present in Mint Charcoal Flavour

Sodium Fluoride (Optional)

When you use a product containing fluoride (like our fluoridated tooth tabs or fluoridated drinking water), the fluoride ends up in your saliva. When your teeth are coated in that saliva, the enamel ends up absorbing the fluoride. Once there, the fluoride bonds with the calcium and phosphate that naturally exist in your enamel to create fluorapatite, which is a strong material that can resist decay and help prevent cavities. *Fluoride content of 905ppm in Native Rivermint with Fluoride and Mint Charcoal with Fluoride

What's NOT inside

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Artificial Sweeteners, Artificial Colours, Triclosan, Carrageenan, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Parabens, Diethanolamine

The Why

Bite, brush, spit

  1. Pop one tab in your mouth, bite down and chew it up completely

  2. Brush with a wet toothbrush - soft bristles are best

  3. After 2 minutes, spit out the foam to reveal your pearly whites!

When you begin brushing, our tabs will foam up into a deliciously creamy paste (without the waste).

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Our packaging

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