Let's be real - brushing your teeth is boring.


It's so mundane that you go on auto-pilot, so that you can focus on more important stuff (like the delicious bowl of Weet-Bix you're about to demolish...)

It was on one of these mornings that I was standing in the shower, mindlessly brushing, when I randomly started thinking about the impact of my 2-minute routine...

"Why does toothpaste come in a plastic tube?"

"What's actually inside this stuff?"

"What's with the bright blue colour?"


As I asked myself these questions, I wondered why nobody had given toothpaste the 'glow up' that so many other products were given.

Products like shampoos and face washes were all over my Instagram feed, yet my toothpaste was an ~ancient relic~ from the 1800s that nobody had bothered to improve.

In fact...

I hated everything about my toothpaste.

It tasted awful, like the kind of burning sensation you get when you drink tequila straight from the bottle (we've all been there).

It was ugly - I always had to hide it in my bathroom drawer when guests came over and somehow it would find a way to leech sticky paste all over my makeup and hair ties.

I couldn't travel with it, out of fear that it would explode in my luggage** and ruin all my belongings.

**Has happened before

I couldn't pronounce half of the ingredients, and some of the ingredients were literally just numbers - surely that couldn't be a good sign...

And don't even get me started on the single-use plastic tube.


I had a decision to make.

a) Would I just have to suck it up and accept that toothpaste is just a bit... crap?

b) Would I vow to never brush my teeth again in the name of sustainability, risk having no teeth left and being nicknamed 'gummy' by the time I was thirty?


c) Could I do something about it?

On that day, I set out on a crazy mission... to revolutionise the oral care industry, and build the world's most sustainable personal care company.

Welcome to the future of oral care.