Let's be real... brushing your teeth is boring.

Native Rivermint Tooth Tabs - The Good Company


It's so mundane that you go on auto-pilot, so that you can focus on more important stuff (like the delicious bowl of Weet-Bix you're having for brekkie).

In fact, you've probably never stopped and thought to yourself,

"What's actually inside this stuff?"

"Why is this mint flavour so strong that it feels like I've just taken a swig of tequila at 8am?"

"Is this smurf-like blue colour actually doing anything for my health?"

Why has toothpaste stayed the same for so long?

When it comes to other personal care stuff, there's a tonne of brands doing cool new things, innovating new tech and designing packaging that's to die for (umm... have you seen what Zoë Foster Blake's doing?!)

Yet toothpaste is just... blegh.

No one's bothered to improve it from the same ol' plastic toothpaste tube that it's always been.

It's time to ditch toothpaste, for good.

  • We've cut out the single-use plastic tube in favour of packaging that's sleek + sustainable.
  • We've cleaned up the ingredients and opted for natural, yet just-as-effective formulas.
  • We've only included the good stuff - no plastic microbeads, no SLS, no parabens and no gross blue synthetic colourants.
  • We've made travelling a breeze with a product that's TSA approved and perfect for on-the-go.
  • We've made it perfectly pre-portioned, so you know you're using the right amount (ie. perfect for kids!)