Our Story

Hey, I’m Chelsea, and I’m the founder of Good Co. Our mission is to revolutionise the oral care industry in Australia and convince 25,000 Aussies to ditch toothpaste for good!

Trying to live a life that doesn’t damage the world around us can be a minefield. Everywhere you look there’s disposable coffee cups, the roads are congested with cars, and everything seems to be wrapped in single-use plastic. Honestly, it can feel exhausting!

But there is something we can all do that takes zero effort - and that’s to start our day with good intentions.

You see, with the environment and climate change bigger on the agenda than ever before, there’s one product that seems to have slipped under the radar.

For many of us, the very first thing we do each morning is head to the bathroom and clean our teeth. It’s probably far down on the list of things we think about when considering our environmental footprint. 

But did you know that in Australia alone, over 100 million toothpaste tubes and plastic toothbrushes end up in our landfills and oceans? 

I’ll be the first to admit, I live with my parents - and I used to brush with whatever toothpaste Mum put in my bathroom drawer.

But it got me thinking: Why can’t we reinvent toothpaste and come up with a solution that’s actually good for the planet, too?

The problem is, an alternative to toothpaste doesn’t currently exist for everyday Australians, but that’s all about to change, because we’ve just launched the first-ever Australian-made toothpaste tablets. We call it The Good Company - and we’re ditching toothpaste for good!

Our tooth tabs are perfectly-portioned, chewable bits that taste great and are super easy to use. All you do is pop one in your mouth, chew it up and brush with a wet toothbrush to create a deliciously creamy paste!

They’re packed with native Aussie ingredients like Rivermint and powerful natural minerals that actively work to polish teeth, lift surface stains and remineralise enamel. They’re vegan, they’re available with or without fluoride, and best of all, they’re 100% plastic-free. Our tabs come in a glass jar, which can be refilled over and over again with our compostable refill packs. 

Now that's something to smile about!