Where are EKO Tooth Tabs made?

Our tabs are proudly made right here in Australia! We use Aussie ingredients to create our signature tooth tabs in Victoria.

Is there any plastic in your products?

Yes – while we endeavour to reduce our use of plastic as much as possible, there were some instances where we couldn’t avoid it. Here’s why:

  1. Induction seals. In Australia, the law requires all pharmaceutical products to be packaged with an induction seal to prevent any contamination of the contents. This also includes a silica gel pack to wick up any excess moisture. In other countries, the regulations aren’t so strict – which is why overseas companies are able to package their products with zero plastic. Unfortunately, this means that there’s a risk of the contents being contaminated during transit! 
  1. Our lids. We were adamant about using an aluminium lid for our tooth tabs – our whole vision of the final product included an aluminium lid! But after weeks and weeks of testing every possible combination under the sun, we couldn’t find an aluminium lid that worked with the induction seals. Because induction seals are a legal requirement in Australia, we opted for the next-best option: 100% recyclable PP5 lids. Our compostable refill packs mean that the jar (and its lid) can be used over and over again, meaning it will be kept out of our landfills. 
  1. Toothbrush bristles. There were two options here – we could either choose plastic-free or cruelty-free, so having to use nylon bristles (instead of boar’s hair) was a no-brainer! The great thing about our toothbrushes is that the head can be removed – so when it’s time to replace your toothbrush, you can simply switch the head, put the nylon bristles in your plastic recycling and compost the rest.


Should I choose fluoridated tabs of fluoride-free?

Early-on in our market research, we realised that there was a clear divide between people who brushed their teeth – those that loved fluoride, and those that hated it. There were also those who didn’t really care – but we found that out of all the existing toothpaste tablets on the market, companies were only offering one or the other.

So in order to meet everyone’s needs, and to make it as easy as possible for people to make the switch to more sustainable dental care, we’re offering both! The decision is entirely personal and depends on a whole range of factors – if you drink fluoridated water, for example, you can probably go without the extra fluoride in your tabs. If you have ‘soft’ teeth or are susceptible to cavities, then you might want to opt for extra protection and try our fluoridated tabs. Do what works for you – teeth are highly individual and if you’re unsure about which option to try, talk to your dentist and ask what they recommend!


Are EKO Tooth Tabs safe for children?

They sure are! We’ve found that children prefer the subtle flavour of our tabs compared to the harsh burning sensation you often get with traditional toothpaste. Plus, they’re way less messy than regular toothpaste (say goodbye to the bright blue paste smeared along the bathroom vanity). It’s a win-win!

*We recommend that you supervise children under 6yrs when using our toothpaste tablets, just to make sure they chew them properly and to avoid the risk of choking. And don’t worry – because there are no nasty chemicals, there’ll be no harm caused if your child accidentally swallows one of our tabs!